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FREE DOWNLOAD Мать 100 Sas vidas de operários” A história passa se num dos bairros fabris da Rússia em princípios do século XX Já com alguma idade a Mãe interessa se pelos ideais pelos uais o filho de bate e uando Pavel é deportado Peláguea toma o seu lug. MotherThough this book is a communist propaganda one cannot simply sideline this book naming so It was slow and boring at times but the reality brought out by Maxim gorky was outstanding The art of realism was at its best The character development of The Mother was just awe The way Gorky have portray the struggle of the working class from the perspective of a mother was just awesome Recommend for people who love realistic literature who starve to learn how the world functionsDefinitely not for people who love fantasy literature or who read to pass time


FREE DOWNLOAD Мать 100 ArO autor Pseudónimo de Aleksei Peshkov Máximo Gorki foi um famoso escritor e activista político russo no início do século XX Romancista da escola naturalista uniu as gerações de Tchékhov e Tolstói à nova vaga de escritores soviétic. Read as part of a group read Novel set in pre revolutionary Russia about a mother and son who embrace social change Have to agree with other reviewers in that there isn t a lot of characterisation of the major participants on offer Not my favourite Russian novel to dateRead the free edition without issue

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FREE DOWNLOAD Мать 100 Depois da morte do seu marido Peláguea Nilovna começa a observar o filho Pavel Apesar de morarem juntos eram praticamente desconhecidos Um dia Pavel diz lhe ue está a ler livros proibidos “São proibidos porue dizem a verdade sobre as nos. 765 Mother Maxim GorkyMother written by Maxim Gorky Alexei Maximovich Peshkov in 1906 about revolutionary factory workersIn his novel Gorky portrays the life of a woman who works in a Russian factory doing hard manual labour and combating poverty and hunger among other hardships Pelageya Nilovna Vlasova is the real protagonist her husband a heavy drunkard physically assaults her and leaves all the responsibility for raising their son Pavel Vlasov to her but unexpectedly dies Pavel noticeably begins to emulate his father in his drunkenness and stammer but suddenly becomes involved in revolutionary activities Abandoning drinking Pavel starts to bring books to his home Being illiterate and having no political interest Nilovna is at first cautious about Pavel s new activities However she wants to help him Pavel is shown as the main revolutionary character Nevertheless Nilovna moved by her maternal feelings and though uneducated overcoming her political ignorance to become involved in revolution is considered the true protagonist of the novel 1975 12 1292 24 1376 1366 480 1382 496 1000 01061399