BY Sunny Harris Rome : Social Work and Law – EBOOK Read

  • Paperback
  • 544
  • Social Work and Law
  • Sunny Harris Rome
  • English
  • 25 November 2020
  • 9780205776894

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Social Work and Law

Free read ´ Social Work and Law 102 Helping social workers understand how to operate within the complex legal environment Social Work and Law exposes students to the ways in which social work and law intersect Students will explore the judiciary's contributions to important social policy issues and the knowledge social workers need to effectively participate in the judicial process An introductory unit presents basic legal concepts describes the workings of the court system and shares strategies for avoiding malpractice The units that follo.

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Free read ´ Social Work and Law 102 W cover a variety of topics to give instructor's options for their course and allow students to study their interests These topics include issues related to children domestic violence older adults the death penalty health discrimination LGBT rights and the rights of students and immigrants Upon completing this book readers will be able toUnderstand how social workers operate within the complex legal environmentIdentify the role of law in shaping human experience and explore how competent social work pract.

Characters Social Work and Law

Free read ´ Social Work and Law 102 Ice can influence legal processes and outcomesExamine how law and social work intersect in relation to particular populations and fields of practiceAssess the conformity of judicial decisions with social work values and ethics while understanding the underpinnings of judicial decisions and why they might differ from social work decision makingDistinguish between case law and statutory law understand the role of each and recognize how their dynamic interaction contributes to the development of social polic.