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  • 15 June 2020
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REVIEW æ 17 Gone By Nova Ren Suma SUMMARY 17 Gone By Nova Ren Suma Seventeen year old Lauren is having visions of girls who have gone missing And all these girls have just one thing in common – they are 17 and gone without a trace As Lauren struggles to shake these wa. 45 stars While I was reading 17 Gone I felt as though someone had taken me by the hand and was leading me into a dream state where realities were blurred and paranoia was a constant state of being I caught glimpses of someone disappearing around a corner I heard whispers from companions unseen and there was nothing I could do but allow myself to be pulled deeper and deeper into the ever changing kaleidoscope of the author s masterful storytelling The full text of this review appears in The Midnight Garden An advance copy was provided by the publisher

SUMMARY 17 Gone By Nova Ren Suma

17 Gone By Nova Ren Suma

REVIEW æ 17 Gone By Nova Ren Suma SUMMARY 17 Gone By Nova Ren Suma With death lands her in the hospital and a shocking truth emerges changing everythingWith complexity and richness Nova Ren Suma serves up a beautiful visual fresh interpretation of what it means to be los. 35Not mind blowingawesome enough for four stars but definitely demands than 3 starsWhile I can tell you a host of things I liked about this book I can t exactly pinpoint what I didn t Perhaps it was the palpable despondency and depression that surrounded this bookOr maybe it was the aimlessness of the story the lack of an engaging plot in certain partsIt could always also be that despite it being a fairly character driven novel I don t get a feel of Lauren17 Gone was one of the most anticipated books of 2013 and I m sorry to say that I m one of the minority who don t feel so hyped about it And there are very few of us Not that I m saying you should come and join us go out and love it or not love it but do read it I get why people gush about it so and I find myself thinking some similar things but frankly and I think I ll be reiterating this a lot the book bored me even when I was hooked and I know it makes no sense at all This the book was not I think it s because of the author s writing It s creepy and evocative and creates such an ethereal atmosphere It s lush and begs for another glance A multitude of sentences are crowding my head some of them constituting whole paragraphs It s one of the most fabulous pieces of contemporary literature I ve read in terms of writing style The story is of a girl Lauren who is haunted in the most literal sense by past and figments of imagination and ghosts All of them girls All of them 17 and gone Missing runaways Soon she becomes obsessed with them and it wrecks her life slowly one piece at a time and she doesn t even feel it But we do And it s eerie how oblivious she remains how immersed she is in this world of hers Intriguing as it was this obsession of hers also makes Lauren s a hard narrative to immerse in much less appreciate I liked her unreliability and the missing pieces that were always there and the things that shouldn t be there but it is difficult to get to know a person when there is no background The only part of her life from before that can be recollected is her love for her motherThe book s slow pace is uite the anathema to Nova Ren Suma s words augmented by the feeling of redundant ignorance on the part of the reader The two make a fitting pair constantly grappling the readermajorly me from pushing the book away as well as staying up late into the night to finish it This the book was not eitherI am neutral towards the ending but I love the message this book delivers about not forgetting not giving up on any of those girls Those that we see on posters for missingrunaways and please call if you have info and forget the next second as life delivers a soy less coffee when we specifically ordered it with soy And that very vital misstep of some bumbling barista draws our attentionTo end with I ll be on the lookout for new novels by the author even if this book didn t hold much appeal for me And I d recommend you to do so as wellCross posted on Books behind Damns


REVIEW æ 17 Gone By Nova Ren Suma SUMMARY 17 Gone By Nova Ren Suma King nightmares impossible uestions demand urgent answers Why are the girls speaking to Lauren How can she help them And is she next As Lauren searches for clues everything begins to unravel Then a brush. I realize I read this in Jan in the cold of Winter The book felt cold at first but pretty soon our heroine thawed it for us But the book was cold and the contents colder yet it warmed me by the time I finished reading it good writing does that Very readable the kind of book that you could finish in one go The concept was high and could have easily been convoluted but it was rather easy to imbibe Some of the sentences and words had me shaking my head in admirationThe whole mystery was attractive and very compelling Throughout the book I wanted our heroine to OK and by the end she well you ll have to read it to find that out now don t you But the fact I needed to know that that I cared is a celebration of the book in itselfThe book made me anxious in all the right ways it was mature without pulling any punches and the ending the twist if you will was a shocker genuinely surprising Then I felt a little let down but on reflection when I think really hard about it it made sense all of it It couldn t have been any other way The haze that the book created permeated throughout the novel setting my mind and imagination ablaze It was done just right with just the right amount of burnt orange The fire in the book consumed both the protagonist s and the readers mind and yet it was oddly balmy too God I love this book just just read it OK I am looking forward to reading her Imaginary Girls Luckily I already have itWhen I was reading 17 and Gone inevitably I couldn t help but think of Paper Valentine and Vanishing Girls This book wasn t anything like those books and yet it was Also the theme and message in this book was heard loud and clear I hope it will alter someone s life and change it for the better Also I just adore the author s name Nove Ren Suma that alone makes this book uniue but uniue is what it tried to sayLet s hope someone was listening