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  • The Hound of Rowan
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  • 03 February 2020
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Henry H. Neff ´ 4 Summary

The Hound of Rowan Read & Download À PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Henry H. Neff ´ 4 Summary A vida sossegada de Max McDaniels está prestes a nunca mais voltar a ser como antes Durante u. A solid start to one of my MOST FAVORITE Middle Grade series

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The Hound of Rowan

The Hound of Rowan Read & Download À PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Henry H. Neff ´ 4 Summary Ua frente e pouco depois Max recebe um enigmático convite para ingressar na Academia de Rowan. So I think just about any premise involving a young boy going to a school filled with magic and the extraordinary would set up an automatic comparison to Harry Potter just as any obscure title would be compared to its genre s classic Knowing that I did not going in here drawing comparisons I m rating this book totally as its own work giving it the respect it deserves That being said maybe I read this with the wrong perspective in mind because I found several issues with it First off Max McDaniels is an interesting protagonist I like that his friends have skills superior to his own like Conner with his charisma or David with his intelligence I liked that he tries to do the right thing but there are several instances that allude to his past that really add complexity Particular his anger was really interesting to read I also loved his dad and the characters I named earlier However there were so many characters in and a lot of them are disembodied because it s hard to keep track Part of me wondered why so many names were thrown in there other than to world build but I couldn t remember a characteristic or a physical trait or really anything This pertained to students and teachers alike I only remembered the main ones because the rest of it felt rushed especially when at random intervals they would appear do something minor then disappear Was that necessary Did it drive the plot forward It felt like Oh hey it s be cool to have someone appear right now and say this here s Faculty Member X Okay I said my two cents bye And I don t know I felt like the story could be tightened I really enjoyed the beginning of the book because the pacing allowed me to get to know Max and his father and set up for the story When Neff slows down specific moments to relay information while still moving the story forward he really does it well But the pacing gets really wonky further in the book because so many concepts are being introduced We re here now here s classes here s 20 characters now an obscure sport now an awesome match and a dance in the same day oh there s also pets Did the author know he would have a series Would there have been a better way to further flesh out some concepts because they are pretty interesting But I have a vague idea of some because so much is thrown at you which is really saying something in a 400 page book And because so much is thrown at you things are glossed over and you re expected to believe that hey this is now a thing Hey this regular human was assaulted now they can just live at Rowan Academy when it was such a big deal to keep normal people in the dark about Old Magic and this world Was it necessary for Max to have a pet It didn t move the story forward and already there was so much happening was that really something to focus on I know I m harping on the little things but there was attention placed on this when the idea could ve been scrapped and attention could ve been paid to something elseAlso the amount of information that is relayed didn t feel earned if this makes sense Half the time the faculty withheld information for I m not sure safety To not create a huge stir Which then left the children in the dark and after people were injured then information could be relayed And instances where I d really like to read about are summarized and we re being moved forward without creating a connection at all And when it s convenient Max runs out of magical reserves but in other instances he s all drained I wish Max and crew went out and did things but instead things are told to them things happen to them and the story doesn t feel character driven I did like that David went out of his way to do research but for how renounced the faculty is they relied on the knowledge of a first year to get them through If they were trying to keep secretsappearances shouldn t they have found his sources and then banned him from continuing I don t know I love magic the extraordinary and overall fantasy but this story felt like a hot mess I gave it two stars because I was invested enough in a good few characters which is why I saw it through to the end Maybe these concepts are elaborated on in the later books or hey maybe the issues I have aren t huge in the eyes of a younger audience Either way I might borrow the seuel from a friend but it s not on my priority list

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The Hound of Rowan Read & Download À PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Henry H. Neff ´ 4 Summary Ma visita com o pai ao Instituto de Arte de Chicago uma velha tapeçaria celta ganha vida à s. I was originally going to go 4 stars on this book but on reflection I decided I had to go 5 We ll call it a borderline 5 I try to give few 5 star ratings as any book I give a 5 needs to be exceptional or the rating fails to mean muchI went there in this case as I think it will remain a reread book for me if I ever have time to do a reread I have less time to reread books now as there seem to be so many I haven t read yetgo figureSo what do we have here Why did I come to the decision that it should cross over into the 5 star rangeFirst it s just well written I ve mentioned before that most plots characters and so on that can occur in stories have at some time That s true here I occasionally go on a YA reading stint I have lately and most have hit me as mediocre Many of the teen books I read tend to bleed over into YAPNR Young Adult ParaNormal Romance This one didn t do any of those Of course the youths in it are around 12 and 13 I assume we ll see interpersonal relationships as the series goes on As I said it s a well written book and draws in the reader Where I often find these books fading in and out as I started this one I got to know the characters and liked many of them So first the writing appeals it flowsSecondly the plot After Harry Potter hit there were a rash of books about young people in magical worlds and in magical schools Not all were good not all were bad many were so soI doubt anyone who s a fan of the Harry Potter books will be able to escape the comparison There s a lot of things to compare but it doesn t rip the story off It s not a copy of the book at all but there are several places where theycross into the same neighborhood What have here is a story that draws on mythology I just read some of the Frost ya books and they hit some of the same ground Of course the Percy Jackson books use Greek mostly Celtic andor Norse mythology From there we spring into the magical world where these myths and legends are of importance today Young people or YAs come to school to be trained in many things from the mystical to tactics and strategy view spoiler and of course our young protagonist is a prodigy hide spoiler