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  • 07 October 2020
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Imperium characters µ 7 ArauksinCicero opettelee eroon änkytyksestään ja harjoittaa väsymättä puhetekniikkaansa Hän on päättänyt raivata tiensä vallan ytimeen – aseenaan sanatCover Image Artist Kansi Honi Werner. Robert Harris is one of my favorite authors and ancient Rome is one of my top genres Earlier this year I read I Claudius and loved it and decided to read Book 1 on Harris s trilogy on the life of Cicero I love this book By the way did you know that Cicero means chick peas Lots of good stuff in here about the early career of Cicero up to his election of Counsel of Rome The book is divided into 2 parts with the first part paying attention to his early trials and ending with his election as Aedile of Rome with the second part detailing his rise to Consul Now this is historical fiction at its finest as the book is allegedly derived from the scrolls of Cicero s personal secretary Tiro who wrote a history of Cicero While those scrolls no longer exist they are referenced by Plutarch and others and so this is as close as we will get to actual historical detail Well written Tiro paints the picture that Cicero was the master of politics and if what is in this book is correct then Machiavelli had nothing on Cicero Wonderfully written with well portrayed characters this is a great novel that one should consider if you have any interest at all in the machinations of ancient Rome and the art of politics Cannot wait to read the next two books in the trilogy

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Imperium characters µ 7 O ei kuitenkaan ole sotilas ei aristokraatti eikä karismaattinen naistenmies Hänellä ei ole vaikutusvaltaa eikä omaisuuksia ja hänenlaiseensa nousukkaaseen suhtaudutaan poliittisissa piireissä v. Harris has done something really smart here if he d published a three volume biography of Cicero no one would have read it Well I wouldn t have So instead it s a trilogy of historical novels which sounds way fun But it comes down to nearly the same thing right This is a very detailed carefully researched work about CiceroIt s told first person by Tiro Cicero s scribe who s a real guy who wrote a real biography of Cicero now lost It s a clever gambit by Harris it allows him among other things to slyly inform you when the passage you ve just read is the actual transcript of Cicero s speech which happens often He just has Tiro say something like And I am certain that the above speech is exactly as he told it because I wrote it down myself and the record still survives That sentence is exactly trueHarris s writing isn t always the most graceful he s better on plot than style but he s not incompetent Here s a great passage describing CiceroI pictured his uick thoughts running ahead in the way that water runs along the cracks in a tiled floor first onward and then spreading to either side blocked in one spot advancing in another widening and branching outThat s a very cool imageFor the most part at least Harris s research is meticulous The first half of the book culminates with the trial of Verres which I looked it up happened exactly as Harris writes it Unfortunately Harris seems to abandon historical authenticity toward the end of Imperium without giving too much away the intrigue behind the climactic race for consulship is completely invented To my knowledge at least I d love to be proven wrong here I researched it as best I could and it looks like the behind the scenes maneuvering was over other things entirelyStill I liked it enough that I m totally looking forward to the second book in the trilogy

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Imperium characters µ 7 Antiikin Rooma Taistelu vallasta Romaanisarja Euroopan syntyvaiheista alkaa vangitsevalla muotokuvalla Cicerosta Kunnianhimoinen nuori lainoppinut Cicero tahtoo vallan huipulle Rooman konsuliksi Cicer. I was listening to the radio one morning and the presenter was interviewing Robert Harris on the subject of his new book the concluding part of a Trilogy about the man known to eternity as Chickpea or Cicero view spoiler perhaps with a bit of luck if the gods of Technology smile upon us you can hear for yourself hide spoiler