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  • The Trauma of Terrorism
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  • 15 July 2020
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The Trauma of Terrorism

The Trauma of Terrorism characters Ø 107 Euences of terrorism in children and adults the centrality of traumatic grief the need for multicultural understanding in services and treatment interventions for children and adolescents training programs for mental health professionals and proactive community organization in the face of terrorism Treatment options and services are thoroughly explored and their effectiveness evaluated Chapters are international in scope well referenced and geared to provide thoroughly reasoned recommendations to lessen the effects of terrorism Original witness voices from survivors and professionals worldwide give depth to the scientific character of the book Helpful tables and graphs clearly illustrate data and ideasThe Trauma of Terrorism Sharing Knowledge and Shared Care An International Handbook presents in depth examinations ofThe Origins of Terrorism in Modern Society the origin and nature of terrorism terrorism as a strategy of psychological warfare the content and form of terrorism propaganda tactical and strategic terrorism the motivations of suicide bombers The Psychological Conseuences of Te.

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The Trauma of Terrorism characters Ø 107 Rrorism the psychological impact of the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks the PTSD effects of watching terrorist attacks on television the effects of acute stress symptoms on the general population after a national trauma somatization and bioterrorism the short and long term effects of terrorism on an individual the importance of measuring grief in the context of terrorism the psychological burden of bioterrorism the psychological impact of terrorism on children and families post traumatic distress in adolescents with exposure to ongoing terrorism The Impact of Terrorism on Individuals Groups and Society terrorism’s toll on civil liberties media oriented terrorism media guidelines for helping reduce individual and national traumatic reactivity to terrorism culture sensitive interventions in the treatment of terrorism the effects of terrorism on refugees Psychological First Aid Acute and Long Term Treatment Following Terrorist Attacks mental health interventions in hospitals following terrorist attacks treating survivors in an ongoing terrorist situation the treatment of children imp.

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The Trauma of Terrorism characters Ø 107 Learn intervention strategies to counter the effects of terrorismIn the twenty first century terrorism has become an international scourge whose effect devastates individuals weakens societies and cripples nations The Trauma of Terrorism Sharing Knowledge and Shared Care An International Handbook and Shared Care provides a comprehensive penetrating look at the effects of terrorism at the prevention and treatment of immediate and long term seuelae at preparedness for terrorism and at the range of individual community and national responses International authorities discuss the latest knowledge and research about terror its root causes and its psychological impact on individuals families societies and nations as well as the societal and political responses and services that may help lessen its impactThe Trauma of Terrorism Sharing Knowledge and Shared Care An International Handbook analyzes the full scope of terrorism This compendium explores numerous issues in detail such as the nature and psychology of terrorism how to foster a community’s capacity for resilience the psychosocial cons.