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  • 10 May 2019
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Read Ñ Ghostsitter 104 Shelly Brown ´ 4 Read “Part Ghostbusters part Sherlock Holmes all fun and excitement”  J Scott Savage author of the  Case File 13 series and  Mysteries of Cove series Tiffany Hart dreams of one thing to be class president However dreams turn to nightmares when she ends up almost dead in an abandoned building and develops the oh so awful gift of ghost seeing Unfortunately Tiffany only knows one person who can help her shake her ghoulish problem her neighbor and the weirdest boy at. Shelly Brown s debut GHOSTSITTER is a darling story with just the right amount of creepy for young readers Tiffany is determined to have a perfect year she ll win student body president which will increase her popularity and guarantee her the middle school life she wants Unfortunately Tiffany isn t counting on the trio of young ghosts who attach themselves to her that no one else can see or the need to defend said ghosts from an old evil And the only one who can help her is her childhood friend Justin who also sees ghosts and who as a result is universally considered weird and might be fatal to her popularity As Tiffany struggles to win her nomination and get rid of her initially unwanted attachments hilarity ensues Tiffany is by turns smart funny and earnest and readers will cheer as her story progresses

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Read Ñ Ghostsitter 104 Shelly Brown ´ 4 Read Problems “Ghostsitter is one of those rare books that succeeds at being both hilarious and freaky Like a phantom spider it snuck up on me and left me genuinely creeped out”  Frank L Cole author of  The Afterlife Academy “I’ve never read a ghost story I’ve loved than Ghostsitter It is the kind of book that will make kids want to read with a flashlight under the covers long after they should be sleeping”  Peggy Eddleman author of the  Sky Jumpers series. I was slightly skeptical to read this because the cover reminds me of the books I read in elementary school but it definitely wasn t like the books I read back then This is a great spooky story for young readers It s a fun read and has a lot of humor in it as well The story flowed well It s a uick page turner I think this is a perfect book for Halloween I enjoyed that every character had their own story line and it left me wanting to know even about them You really got to know the characters and they all have very relatable ualities This book has multiple POV If you don t like reading that style of book you may not want to read this but I would say to give this book a chance I would recommend this book to everyone with middle school aged children Shelly Brown has done a wonderful job on her first book I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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Read Ñ Ghostsitter 104 Shelly Brown ´ 4 Read School Justin Henderson Justin has seen ghosts since he was nine a creepy claim that has earned him the privilege of eating lunch by himself for years Together they start to unravel a mystery with dead orphans a white witch and phantom spiders To save their lives and the afterlives of innocent children they must face a terrifying specter as well as a ghastly woman who isn't afraid of hurting kids dead or alive Can Tiffany win the school election and solve her ghost. I loved this probably than an adult should but it was awesomeBy chapter two I couldn t put it down and yes my jaw literally dropped onceThen I told the school librarian how cool it was when she asked about something I wrote as an author I was like forget my book you need to read this awesome story It s just that goodGood enough to throw your own self under a bus so people will read this bookLoved it