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  • Lazarus by Lori Titus
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  • 20 June 2018
  • 9781453775721

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Lazarus by Lori Titus Free download î 6 T is the force behind the reanimation of the dead And where does the untimely death of a young woman fit into the euation Luella and Drake race to unavel the mystery to save the town and their own lives. Zombies the Old West Psychics and a heroine named Luella Pembry oh my has Lori Titus got her an excellent read in Lazarus The novella which also mixes in ghosts and romance is unlike anything I have read in a while I enjoyed the characters especially Luella and Sully the plot twists and the Twilight Zone feel it had throughout the book It may be short but perfect for someone like me who has a hectic schedule

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Lazarus by Lori Titus Free download î 6 Ften When Luella approaches Sheriff Drake and Mayor Cole to offer her aid both men are skepticalHow can this stranger stop the Risings It soon becomes clear that there are other secrets in this town Wha. Lori Titus has this way of enchanting the reader s senses while taking their imagination on a horror joyride It s as if you are laying in bed having your mother s sweet voice tell you a bedtime story and the next minute she puts a pillow over your face and won t let you breathe all while speaking in her crisp lovely voice Suddenly the pillow is lifted She is back in her chair and you are left wondering whether any of it happened at all Lazarus takes place in the rusty dusty west when women bathed in claw foot tubs men still tipped their hats and zombies rose from the dead Imagine Nancy Drew meets Pet Sematary at the OK Corral Throw in a dash of romance and you ve got yourself a Lori Titus story you don t want to miss

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Lazarus by Lori Titus Free download î 6 In 1869 a young widow named Luella Pembry arrives in the town of Lazarus California She is aware of Lazarus' secret; it's a site of infreuent Risings of the dead But lately the phenomenon is happening o. Lori Titus novella Lazarus brings into the zombie genre not only a bit of the Old West but a heroine who comes to try to save a small town from being overrun by the undead Luella Pembry arrives in Lazarus California with knowledge of the town s mysterious history that makes than one of the townsfolk a bit wary on her reasons for coming to Lazarus Sheriff Benjamin Drake and Mayor Jasper Cole both have secrets regarding the town and some of the events that have happenedthe uestion is which one of these two gentlemen want to keep those secrets hidden and which one has a ghostly figure looking over his shoulderLazarus was a very fun and entertaining novella I found it to be a refreshing change from the norm of being set in the here and now and to have a heroine being the main figure in a tale of the undead is always a refreshing change in the genre if done right