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DOWNLOAD à Picasso By Victoria Charles A painter and professor at the School of Fine Arts and Crafts Picasso learnt from him the basics of formal academic art training Then he studied at the Academy of Arts in Madrid but never finished his degree Picasso who was not yet eighteen had reached the point of his greatest rebelliousness; he repudiated academias anemic aesthetics along with realisms pedestrian prose and uite naturally joined those who called themselves modernists the non conformist artists and writers those whom Sabarts called the lite of Catalan thought and who were grouped around the artists caf Els uat

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DOWNLOAD à Picasso By Victoria Charles Picasso was born a Spaniard and so they say began to draw before he could speak As an infant he was instinctively attracted to artists tools In early childhood he could spend hours in happy concentration drawing spirals with a sense and meaning known only to himself At other times shunning childrens games he traced his first pictures in the sand This early self expression held out promise of a rare gift Mlaga must be mentioned for it was there on 25 October 1881 that Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born and it was there that he spent the first ten years of his life Picassos father was

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DOWNLOAD à Picasso By Victoria Charles Re Gats During 1899 and 1900 the only subjects Picasso deemed worthy of painting were those which reflected the final truth; the transience of human life and the inevitability of death His early works ranged under the name of Blue Period 1901 1904 consist in blue tinted paintings influenced by a trip through Spain and the death of his friend Casagemas Even though Picasso himself repeatedly insisted on the inner subjective nature of the Blue Period its genesis and especially the monochromatic blue were for many years explained as merely the results of various aesthetic influenc

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