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  • 10 May 2020
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Aaron Dignan ¸ 1 SUMMARY

CHARACTERS Brave New Work Aaron Dignan ¸ 1 SUMMARY SUMMARY ✓ Brave New Work The way we work is broken It takes forever to get anything done Meetings and emails are incessant Bureaucracy stifles talent and creativity After decades of management theory and multiple waves of technological and societal change is this really the best we can doAaron Dignan teaches companies how to eliminate red tape tap into coll. Brave New Work by Aaron Dignan is that wonderful mix of aspiration and down in the trenches practicality which gives a sense of both what can be achieved how to get thereHis approach is compelling He talks of the death by a thousand paper cuts of bureaucracy and how this virus that pervades our organisations came about through an inability to accept that people can decide for themselves and a pernicious belief in the organisation as a machine Complicated but predictable nonethelessThis metaphor is demonstrably false Organisations are complex not complicated They cannot be predicted and their workings cannot be controlled The advent of bureaucracy is an attempt to control that which should not be controlled the make it predictable Where this is achieved it comes at the substantial cost of the organisation itself becoming paralysedInstead of these rule bound organisations top heavy and lumbering through the world Dignan proposes the creation of organisations that are nimble fulfilling able to respond and indeed shape the fast moving world around them The organisations Dignan describes would be anti fragile and highly profitableTo get there reuires an understanding of systems and specifically complex adaptive systems It also reuires a huge dose of humility from those at the top of the organisational chart as they must cede absolute authority It means that our organisations become People Positive and Complexity Conscious and we pay attention to the organisations Operating System OSDignan develops these notions further throughout the book first describing their influence across 12 domains of the OS Canvas that have been demonstrated to be important in shifting organisations to become Evolutionary Organisations PurposeAuthorityStructureStrategyResourcesInnovationWorkflowMeetingsInformationMembershipMasteryCompensationEach domain is uickly sketched out with an anecdote some ideas across a broad spectrum of the management literature and then thought startersThis is a highly approachable book written in an engaging way It is very easy to read and very hard to put down It gets the weighting just right between being superficial and being so in depth that you get bogged down in the detailIt makes a compelling argument for moving toward an evolutionary organisation with plentiful doses of reality to guard against naive optimism Its closing Part describes how to gently make the transition to introduce the change so that it is consistent with the ultimate end point of an evolutionary organisation Which domains are worth dabbling in How might that be done uickly The role of small live test beds for change The spread of change via contagion rather than decreeThis book is important for people in positions of power as they can transform their organisations simply by shifting their own role from one of control to one of creating and maintaining space for their people Giving their people and their organisation the space to evolve into their best version possible and then continuing this evolutionary processI could go on I really enjoyed this book It s a hopeful book and it s a practical book I found myself reflecting on all of the various places I have worked including as a leader myself and thought of where it fell down where the Brave New Work principles could have been testedA book that I highly recommend if you think that work could be better and you want to enable that change

CHARACTERS Brave New WorkBrave New Work

CHARACTERS Brave New Work Aaron Dignan ¸ 1 SUMMARY SUMMARY ✓ Brave New Work He inside out making workadaptable abundant and human It is packed with new tactics and tips for updating your company's operating system the simple rules and assumptions so deeply embedded that you don't even think to uestion them Learn how to reignite passion and energy throughout your organisation Build a company that runs itself. Fantastic book with great insight into different ways of working to remove bureaucracy and some techniues to try to break down thinking and positively engage workforce


CHARACTERS Brave New Work Aaron Dignan ¸ 1 SUMMARY SUMMARY ✓ Brave New Work Ective intelligence and rethink long held traditions that no longer make sense In Brave New Work he shows you how to revolutionize the way your company works forever Using stories from companies at the cutting edge of organisational transformation Brave New Work will show you how to transform your team department and business from t. Brave New Work offers a wonderful insightful and inspiring perspective on how responsive and evolutionary organisations can come to be and keep doing so It s witty full of pragmatic ideas and suggestions that can help people create their own change It has left me excited and buzzingIf there is one constructive view I can offer it s that the perspective isn t extended to factoring boards and how this picture would put could look as a result But this is so minor given how comprehensive the rest of the book is