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  • Write Winning Short Stories (Teach Yourself)
  • Zoe Fairbairns
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  • 12 October 2020
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Download Å Write Winning Short Stories (Teach Yourself) 100 Your imagination and creativity and to discover stories you didn't know you had It will help you to observe the world around yousharply as well as to structure shape and polish your story It is full of practical exercises that will both inspire imagination and refine skills and confidence building suggestions and hints. This an excellent informative book Lots of exercises to get the writing juices flowing Highly recommended

Summary Write Winning Short Stories (Teach Yourself)Write Winning Short Stories (Teach Yourself)

Download Å Write Winning Short Stories (Teach Yourself) 100 L opportunities for you to showcase your workThis new edition includes uptodate material on web resources and outlets and provides new information on self publishing In addition it discusses genres such as micro fiction and throughout is fully updated with new resources events slams and competitionsIt will help unlock. An excellent reference book It is pragmatic in encouraging the reader to get on with it while also providing plenty of sections on the nuts and bolts of writing short stories The style is easy and engaging with plenty of examples provided Chapter summaries are very useful Well worth the investment and a book I will return to on a regular basis

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Download Å Write Winning Short Stories (Teach Yourself) 100 LEARN HOW TO WRITE WONDERFUL AND VARIED SHORT STORIES AND SHARE THEM WITH THE WORLDWritten by one of the country's leading experts on the short story this book is ideal if you want to write creatively in a genre that is increasingly attracting attention from publishers and which offers plenty of competition and festiva. As a beginner I have only written three stories so far I find this book very helpful It contains exercises to stimulate the imagination and plenty of advice and information It also tells one what not to do It has advice on research for writers of fiction and explains the various genres into which ones work might fall I was pleased to find that I have a genre it is magical realismAs I write only for my own enjoyment the section on getting published is not relevant to me and I can t comment on itI would certainly recommend this book