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  • 08 October 2020
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Barry Lopez ✓ 9 Read & Download

review Horizon AUTHOR Barry Lopez Read & Download Horizon AUTHOR Barry Lopez 109 Barry Lopez ✓ 9 Read & Download Is journeys – to some of the hottest coldest and most desolate places on the globe – and via friendships with scientists archaeologists artists and local residents Lopez searches for meaning and purpose in a broken world Horizon is a revelatory epic work that voices concern but also hope – a book that makes you see the world differently and that is the crowning achievement by one of America's great voice. Started off hating this finished by loving it Has its faults he s a place dropper in the way other people are name droppers always seems keen to let you know how well travelled he is and he is exceptionally well travelled occasionally a little pompous once or twice absurdly so but it really amounts to something immense in the end Have always loved Arctic Dreams and this is not uite that but in long stretches it is not far off Really great achievement

review Horizon AUTHOR Barry Lopez

Horizon AUTHOR Barry Lopez

review Horizon AUTHOR Barry Lopez Read & Download Horizon AUTHOR Barry Lopez 109 Barry Lopez ✓ 9 Read & Download Y the ice shelves of AntarcticaLopez also probes the long history of humanity's uests and explorations including the prehistoric peoples who trekked across Skraeling Island in northern Canada the colonialists who plundered Central Africa an enlightenment era Englishman who sailed the Pacific a Native American emissary who found his way into isolationist Japan and today's ecotourists in the tropics Throughout h. I ve tried with this book and I suppose I might try again but it comes across as the travels of someone for whom money is not at all important and who probably has left a wife doing all the housework raising any kids etc etc whilst he flies and drives about being artistic and imaginative with his writing Once I get that out of my head I might persevere but at present I have no idea why people are writing rave reviews Maybe Americans are easily impressed

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review Horizon AUTHOR Barry Lopez Read & Download Horizon AUTHOR Barry Lopez 109 Barry Lopez ✓ 9 Read & Download Taking us nearly from pole to pole – from modern megacities to some of the earth’s most remote regions and across decades of lived experience Barry Lopez gives us his most far ranging yet personal work to date in a book that describes his travels to six regions of the world from Western Oregon to the High Arctic; from the Galápagos to the Kenyan desert; from Botany Bay in Australia to finally unforgettabl. I have rarely come across a book where the prologue of no than 3 pages has been so beautifully conceived and is so moving It sets the tone for a spell binding journey into the writer s life of travel reflection and self discovery I love the way each of the 5 or so chosen travel stories all begin in cradles of uiet expectation in the first account of Cape Foulweather on the north western coast of the US Lopez waits in expectation of a storm that will soon hit in the high Canadian Arctic he begins in a moment of uiet readingLopez has a greater gift for evoking place and landscape than most esteemed writers of fiction I have encountered and is able to observe people and events with insightful humilityI am a big fan of Robert McFarlane for many reasons but one of the most important is that he regards Lopez as the master