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read & download La France Orange Mécanique - Edition définitive download Ú PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Laurent Obertone Laurent Obertone ¾ 0 read Les criminels Dans notre pays on agresse des pompiers à coups de marteau On lynche des flics devant leurs enfants On viole des enfants de uatre ans au parloir des prisons On assassine des Chinois parce u'ils sont chinois et ça ne coûte pas plus de deux ans ferme On trouve normal ue ce soit aux victimes de prendre leurs précautions' On trouve normal de criminaliser l'inuiétude des honnêtes gens On trouve normal ue trois millions de femmes se disent harcelées dans la rue u'à peine 1 % des violeurs soient un jour condamn. has the author as Xavier Raufer but the cover of the book they show has it right the same as France Laurent ObertoneThe book leads off with two anecdotes A horrible rape by a perpetrator with a Muslim name He catches the victim throws her 25 feet down a staircase breaking her back and then spends the night ravishing her ruined body leaving her only at dawn And French criminal justice sees him as the victim of a blighted childhood The second is similar Gypsies take over an apartment building as suatters terrifying humiliating and repeatedly injuring a handicapped man who has no other homeThen there is a litany of crime statistics for France The upshot is that the crime rate is about 20 times what it was when they started keeping statistics the century or so ago In particular rapes are up significantly 200 per dayPoliticians and the media relentlessly focus public attention elsewhere Road deaths have been a constant point of concern These of actually fallen from 17000 in 1971 to about 4000 today despite the fact that automobile ownership and miles driven have gone up considerably A number of factors are at work among them better cars and better roads The politicians can take credit for strict policies on alcohol use They also use radar and other such technological devices in order to discourage dangerous driving and extort fines from the public Obertone feels it is excessive a misplaced use of resources The authorities are able to posture as if they are doing something while the real number of road deaths is not that vast and cannot be brought down very much further It justifies employing large numbers of policemen and administrators expanding the surveillance stateMeanwhile the crimes to which they ought to turn their attention are increasing rapidly unreported by the media and uninteresting to politiciansIn France as in the United States and most of the West there is a constant drumbeat on the theme of violence against women Its focus is on conjugal partners But the fact is that while there are 300000 cases per year of conjugal assaults there are 12 million cases of sexual violence involving strangers It appears that the priorities are misplaced Domestic violence is a two way street but female violence against men goes underreported it has a different character being verbal and minor physical assaultAnd that concludes the introduction Obertone says that the media and politicians are vastly exaggerating driving accidents and domestic violence in order to distract the public s attention from the real problem This is a long lead in to his major themeThe next chapter is an endless litany of horrors man s inhumanity to man often unemployed youth s inhumanity to everybody He draws from local newspapers with the observation that the national press doesn t want to hear about it and certainly doesn t report it In fact the substance of the book is in the anecdotes mostly drawn from the local press He has used his or her stories to stretch and 120 page thesis into a 360 page bookHe is uite circumspect about the national origins of the perpetrators Although among the many instances of crimes which he cites Muslims and Africans figure somewhat disproportionately he does not drive home the point and he includes several stories in which these peoples are victimsHe draws an extended metaphor of hippopotamuses and rhinoceri the former being the progressive liberals refuse to believe that there is a violent complement to human nature and the latter being the under socialized misfits who are all too willing to take advantage of their laxity and willful blindness He draws on the anthropologists such as Margaret Mead to say that there are certain basic human drives among them the drive to power and the drive to procreation Hippopotamuses succeed by adopting a pose of being humane than their fellows rhinoceroses succeed by simply taking what they want through robbery and rape allowing the court appointed hippopotamuses to make excuses that their brains could scarcely craft on their own In most of the histories he cites the guilty do indeed get punished but the punishment is laughably light in comparison with the gravity of the crimeHe examines the major institutions of society the courts the police and the conditioning given in schools In every case he finds that there is a pervasive willingness to excuse undersocialization and terrible behavior on the part of the malefactorsI observe that this is a part of the French character 40 years ago the French attitude toward the police was negative than in my native United States or in Germany They were variously contemptuously called bulls vache fric Conversely the soixante huitards who that time were regularly trashing Paris were somehow glorified There is a streak of anarchism in the French which Obertone traces through the years starting in the 19th centuryObertone confirms one of my observations Almost everything important to read is written in English Although this book is in French almost all of the bibliographic references are in English Curiously although the references are done in absolutely correct American psychological Association format the bibliography itself does not appear in the edition that I read He cites Insee 2011 but we cannot find out who Insee is for the title of his bookHe makes a number of comparisons with American history and social conditions citing for instance the Watts riots of 1965 I was there as a soldier with the California Army National Guard Back in 1965 the LA cops had had long experience dealing with endemic violence in the black and Mexican uarters of the city Cops and citizenry had not yet let idealism cloud their view of reality That was coming in the 60s and idealistic progressivism dominates California politics today which is why Obertone s observations of crime in Paris reflect today s reality in San Francisco Oakland and Los Angeles uite wellFrance s experience with non French citizens goes back at least to Algeria and unsuccessful experiment in which France attempted to incorporate a north African population into France itself The Algerian war was brutal and unsuccessful and left France with a large number of refugees the Pieds Noirs repatriated white settlers and uite a few Algerians themselves Obertone has a citation as early as 1948 about the high level of crime committed in the Algerian neighborhoods of ParisThe United States is different from France in that its long standing black minority it does not consist of voluntary immigrants and the legal and police systems methods of dealing with crime among blacks long predates the civil rights movement One has only to read HL Mencken writing on the black neighborhoods of Balti As Obertone says American police and jailers have remained somewhat willing to recognize the reality of group differences Although there are high levels of crime in the United States they are tempered somewhat by a high levels of incarcerationThe chapter on justice in France stands out for two reasons First it appears that the perpetrators are identified and condemned at perhaps a higher rate than elsewhere On the other hand the punishment they receive is laughably light in comparison with the gravity of the crimes A young man can rape and disfigure a woman and be free on the streets in a year or twoDiscrimination racism is given as an excuse for the failure of the under socialized to assimilate and to get jobs Obertone asks the uestion of whether or not the immigrants are capable of participating fully in society Although he has a chapter dealing with intelligence his analysis is not nearly as profound as those which have been done by others He would have done well to cite Englishman Richard Lynn and Finn Tatu Vanhanen in their comprehensive works on the global distribution of intelligence I and the Wealth of Nations and Race and Intelligence Obertone contents himself to say that immigrants usually come from the less capable strata of society This may be true but if the average intelligence of the country from which they immigrate is only 70 or 80 as the above named authors would claim for just about all of Africa and the Middle East widespread immigration by any stratum would bring down the averagesObertone describes the way in which the accusation of racism is thrown around with abandon It is uniuely impossible to defend oneself against Though nobody will say so it is also self confirming If a crowd of black people is howling that one is a racist it is uite possible that certain generalities about race will cross your mind Of course the hypocrisy that presumes nonwhites cannot be racist exists in France as well as the rest of Europe and the United States A white person cannot afford to tell the truth There are laws against itObertone s observations apply to France but the phenomenon is worldwide Read Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab for a related take on Germany higher on statistics less anecdotal For France also read Convergence of Crises in French or English About America read White Identity among many other books For Sweden read The Swedish Story also 2013In the end Obertone has done a good job of describing a bad situation He does not propose a solution It is doubtful at this point that there is one My personal solution has been to immigrate to Eastern Europe which remains ethnically homogeneous and to tell my hosts that admittance to the European Union would be a bite from a poisoned apple The West is indeed committing suicide If the East can endure another five or 10 years of its presents modest standard of living forsaking the Mercedes Cuisinart and Club Med and it will have an opportunity to witness the financial collapse of an overextended West and the degeneration of multiculturalism into real hostility Through no virtue of its own aside from its continued cultivation of financial and social backwardness Eastern Europe will look pretty good

read & download La France Orange Mécanique - Edition définitive La France Orange Mécanique - Edition définitive

read & download La France Orange Mécanique - Edition définitive download Ú PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Laurent Obertone Laurent Obertone ¾ 0 read ​Enuête sur un sujet tabou l'ensauvagement d'une nationChaue jour en France640 violences sexuelles hors ménage 1 670 violences physiues hors ménage 2 000 domiciles cambriolés ou visités4 000 véhicules volés ou vandalisésDans le Var un homme laissé libre après une agression à la hache a abattu de trois coups de feu dans le dos la belle mère de sa concubine Selon le paruet la dangerosité de l'individu ui aurait pu justifier sa mise en détention n'avait pas été établie' Pouruoi notre société protège t elle. Anyone who cares about the future of Europe must read this book France and the other countries of Western Europe are desperately trying to cover up the magnitude of their immigration disaster and the human tragedy they have brought to Europe in terms of poverty crime rape and introducing Sharia into liberal Europe This book goes into great detail about the madness France is indulging in to cover up the problem For example I ve never seen this elsewhere but the author goes into detail about France s huge road safety push which he explains is something the government is doing there to avoid having to talk about the real safety problems in France which are all related to the millions of violent immigrants who have arrived thereIf you hate Europe and Europeans this book isn t for you Read something else like

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read & download La France Orange Mécanique - Edition définitive download Ú PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Laurent Obertone Laurent Obertone ¾ 0 read és ue le terrorisme soit devenu la préoccupation principale' des Français et u'il soit interdit d'évouer l'impressionnante part de criminalité liée à l'immigration Et pendant ce temps là les féministes évouent des trottoirs pas assez larges' les antiracistes dénoncent le racisme systémiue' de la France nos responsables votent des plans banlieue' disent l'urgence de développer les peines alternatives' et lâchent des ballons contre le terrorisme Alors pouruoi ce livre Parce ue nul n'est censé ignorer la réalité. France A Clockwork Orange is a book which will shock you and horrify youWhat s going on in France these days Well 13000 robberies 2000 assaults and 200 rapesPER DAY We are beginning to see Frenchmen demanding the right to bear arms and even some talk of a ReconuistaSometimes I suspect that Europe s problems are not just financialThis book only exists in French right now If you read French order it from France if not wait for the translation