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Izak : + 27 79 724 4861
Etzard: + 27 79 893 9156


Atek is a collaboration of The Aleit Group and two well-seasoned Information Technology Consultants, established in January 2012.

Information Technology plays a huge part in today's fast-paced world. Our daily activities, whether at home or in the office, is done on computers and mobile devices. Having problems with these, leaves us lost! You need a trustworthy consultant to assist you in the quickest possible timeframe?

IT consultants Izak Ferreira and Etzard Strydom are greatly experienced in the IT industry, servicing high profile clients who's primary concerns are availability, commitment and trust.

A-Tek offers a wide range of services and are committed to deliver each of them with the same level of dedication, intellectuality and trust.

A-Tek's primary focus is to supply a personalized service delivery and be a trustworthy source of information and advice to all their clients.