Izak Ferreira



Izak is a big idea person from the small town of Parys, the one along the Orange River, not the Seine. After ending off his high school career in 2003 from Augsburg Agricultural Gymnasium in Clanwilliam he studied a two year Computer Systems Administration and Systems Engineering course. Izak started his career in the Information Technology industry in January 2006 as a Junior Technician and soon found himself advancing to Senior Technician after just a year. Thereafter he was swiftly promoted to Technical and Human Resources Manager. Izak began his journey with The Aleit Group in 2011 consulting and assisting with IT support. “I am passionate about my job and devoted to deliver the best possible service”, says Izak. When Izak is not indulged in the technological world, he prefers to spend his time relaxing with a swing at golf or supporting his favourite rugby team, complete with meat on the coals and good company.

Contact Izak:

  • M: +27 79 724 4861
  • E: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.